Advertising Disclosure

Here at BestLLCSolutions, we teach you how to set up your LLC with easy-to-follow and understand step-by-step guides.

BestLLCSolutions is a Benefit Company. This means that rather than being focused on profit-making, we’re driven by our genuine appetite for helping millions of readers like you. We also believe in providing value with no expectations from the other. 

People like you are often surprised by how much elaborate and extensive information we provide free of cost and ask, “How do you even make money?”

How do we even make money?

There are two primary sources of our earnings:

  1. Through donations from our readers like you! (Thank You)
  2. Through affiliate links

We maintain affiliate relationships with businesses that provide their services to small business owners. This means we may receive a commission when users like you click certain links on our website.

Our readers won’t have to pay additional charges for this. As a matter of fact, our partnerships often enable us to negotiate discounted prices. And if, for any reason, readers refund their purchased service, then the affiliate commission is automatically revoked. As a result, we’re disincentivized to market subpar services.

Moreover, one of BestLLCSolutions’ core beliefs is “Helping our mom form an LLC.” Meaning? The advice, recommendations, and suggestions we display on our website are what we give to our family, friends, and well-wishers. #wereonyourside

Sometimes, a company would reach out to us, offering more money than our current partners. But, they don’t get our promotion and marketing if they don’t pass our Customer Experience Test. We have a stringent policy of “leaving that money on the table” because, more than anything, we care about earning your trust and ensuring you have a positive, genuine experience. #nomoneycanbuyus

Finally, we manage to provide you with free, world-class information about everything you may need a solution for. And we do it with style while still keeping the lights on.

How We Conduct Our Reviews?

Before we recommend any service on our website, our expert team of qualified professionals does extensive planning and research. They make anonymous phone calls to our very own customer service team to avoid any future complaints or misunderstandings from your end.

Our Extensive Planning And Research

We research, plan, and determine things like:

  1. Do they provide value?
  2. Are prices reasonable and worth it?
  3. What products and services are included in their package deals?
  4. What upsells do they offer?
  5. Are their terms and conditions fair and just?
  6. Do they provide a genuine refund policy?

Evaluation of Customer Service

When we’re on that mock, anonymous phone call with them, we make sure:

  1. To validate any information, detail, or knowledge they provide. (making sure they’re not playing around)
  2. To throw challenging questions (just checking if they’re friendly and adept)
  3. Ask beginner questions as well (confirming if they’re knowledgeable)

We measure their customer support team’s quality and reliability to double-check that they’re not just some sales representatives in disguise trying to trick you into purchasing products and services you don’t require. Like we said, #alwaysonyourside

Actually Purchasing Their Goods and Services

We then go the extra mile and anonymously buy their advertised products and services. We deem it necessary to experience the whole process exactly like our customers would. This way, they treat us equally and especially as they would any other customer.

Final Word

Once we’re done with our Customer Experience Test, and making sure the company is genuine, reliable, and certified, only then do we consider them for our partnership.

Concentrating on what matters

Our personalized business plan lets us focus on what matters: delivering the most relevant, up-to-date, accurate, and impartial information and experience for our cherished readers. 

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