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By Bazal Razzaq

Chief Editor

Updated: June 07, 2023, 12:30pm

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Since its inception in 2001, MyCompanyWorks has provided legal assistance and helped form over 60,000 businesses. We’ve noticed that even though dozens of services will help you form an LLC, MyCompanyWorkshas have still developed a good market share.

Like any other LLC formation service, MyCompanyWorks has its pros and cons, which can be hard to find and understand. But that’s what we are here for. In this comprehensive review, we will outline everything there is to know about their service so you can make a better, more informed decision.

MyCompanyWorks : LLC Filing Fees

MyCompanyWorks offers three formation packages, each with its combination of pricing and features.

  • Basic($59)
  • Entrepreneur($199)
  • Complete($279)


Basic Package

$59 + State Fees

Basic Features at the lowest price:

Entrepreneur Package

$199 + State Fee

Best value package:

Complete Package

$279 + State Fees

Full service with all the features:

Basic Package

Preparing and filing Articles of Organization: The Articles of Incorporation are the legal documents to be filed with your state of interest to formally create your LLC. MyCompanyWorks will draft your Articles of Organization and submit them to your state of interest to create your business.

Name availability check: MyCompanyWorks will inspect the business database of your formation state to check if the business name you desire is available or has already been claimed by another company.

Operating Agreement: MyCompanyWorks will prepare a customized operating agreement for your LLC. It is an internal document that contains details, features, and ground rules on the ownership structure of your business entity and how it will operate.

Organizational Minutes: Although LLCs are not required to draft minutes report if you want or need them, MyCompanyWorks will include custom minute forms. They help you remain organized during your meetings.

Business Alerts: Never miss an important deadline again, thanks to MyCompanyWorks! They’ll create a handy tool to keep track of your compliance deadlines, filing needs, and requirements. 

Unlimited Chat and Phone Support: Some competitors provide phone support to only the customers who purchase premium services, whereas MyCompanyWorks offers it to all their customers.

Good for: Entrepreneurs looking to create an LLC with helpful formation documents.

Entrepreneur Package

This package includes everything from the Basic package. Plus,

One-Year Registered Agent Service: It’s legally required in most states in America to recruit a Registered Agent for your LLC. This registered agent will receive all the necessary documentation for you and your company and then forward them to you, which is one of the most important parts of your LLC formation. If your business had no registered agent, there WOULDN’T BE a reliable way for the state to contact your LLC.

EIN (Employer Identification Number): An EIN is a nine-digit unique number that identifies your organization for tax purposes. It acts like an SSN (Social Security Number) for your company. With an EIN, your business can open a bank account, recruit employees, file taxes, etc. You can get your EIN easily from the IRS, but MyCompanyWorks can help you save time, energy, and hassle by doing it for your LLC.

MyCompanyForms: MyCompanyWorks provides a sample library of 200+ commonly used business forms you can customize according to your business entity and needs.

Good For: Entrepreneurs who want to form their LLC with EIN and registered agent included.

Complete Package

This package includes everything from the Complete package. Plus,

MyCompanyWorks Premium: This feature by MyCompanyWorks includes initial report service (if required in your state), due date tracking, compliance alerts, business entity monitoring, and much more. MyCompanyWorks also sells this service as a standalone feature for $99 annually.


Good for: Entrepreneurs looking for a complete and comprehensive package that includes everything they could need to form their LLC or business.

In-Depth Review: MyCompanyWorks

Performance Record:

MyCompanyWorks was founded as MyNewCompany back in 2001. Since its inception, the website has helped set up more than 60,000 companies.

As reviewers, we really appreciate their 100% satisfaction guarantee, one of the industry’s best refund policies. If you’re unsatisfied with their services, they refund your money within 90 days of your purchase.

In 2017, they were included in the Inc5000 list of the rapidly- growing private businesses in America, which indicates that their customers love their services and return to use them or recommend them to their friends and family.

MyCompanyWorks has 4,000 reviews available online, most of which are four or 5-star rated! Their customers love how easy and quick it is to form a business with them and how well they explain each step of the formation process.

Overall Pricing:

While they’re not the most expensive service out there, more reasonable services are available in the market. Their most basic package is priced at $59, which is still a good deal given the business documents included, although some competitors offer lower prices and/or more valuable features.

An added benefit is that MyCompanyWorks guarantees they’ll process your order within one business day without extra charges. Also, even though you should pay for your registered agent service with MyCompanyWorks (unless you purchase their Entrepreneur or Complete package), it only costs $99, which is still cheaper than other formation websites.

Customer Support System

MyCompanyWorks offer both phone and email support. When we reached out to them with questions through email, they got back to us within 24 hours. They quickly answered our questions and included links to their website that provided more clarity.

We also gave their phone support a try to check how their customer service was. The representative who answered the call was sweet and courteous and went out of her way to answer our questions. She also asked if we wanted to start setting up our LLC on the phone call itself.

However, they have the shortest availability hours in the market. They’re available from 11 AM to 7 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

The simplicity of placing an order:

The whole point of a formation service is that it saves your time and makes the formation process as simple and convenient as possible. With some incorporation services, it can feel like you’re filing the LLC alone. But with MyCompanyWorks, the process feels easier and really quick.
The application process in MyCompanyWorks seems quick and easy to follow and is only 10-15 minutes. You can just enter your personal/business information and pay for your order.

Total Turnaround Time:

MyCompanyWorks guarantees that they’ll carry out your formation process the same day you submit your order if it’s before 3 PM ET and the next business day in case you submit it after 3 PM ET. Once your paperwork is filed, they also allow you to upgrade and expedite the service with the state.

Please remember that in some states MyCompanyWorks can form your LLC or corporation in just one business day, while in some states, it may take a few weeks.
We’ve noticed they offer a faster processing time than their competitors.

Pros and Cons of MyCompanyWorks

More about MyCompanyWorks

Initially, MyCompanyWorks was formed as MyNewCompany in 2001. Since they set foot in the market, they’ve helped form over 60,000 LLCs and corporations. In 2017, they were included in the Inc5000 list of the rapidly- growing private businesses in the United States of America.

On its website, MyCompanyWorks outlines its mission statement: “We empower business owners and their advisors by setting up and running a business faster, easier, and less expensive.” Today, they’re the country’s biggest service provider for LLC formations, registered agents, incorporations, and many other services relevant to small businesses.

The most interesting part of MyCompanyWorks is their 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers every purchase you make from them. You have a 90-day period within which you can request a refund, and your service fee will be refunded.

How Does MyCompanyWorks Work?

When you are ready to set up your LLC with MyCompanyWorks, you only need to provide the information below, and they’ll handle the documentation with the state:

  1. Choose a Package
  2. Business Information
  3. Review and Payment

When To Start An LLC With MyCompanyWorks?

Suppose you value features like fast service and amazing customer service. MyCompanyWorks is the perfect option! Also, their customized operating agreement makes them stand out from the competition.

When Not To Start An LLC With MyCompanyWorks?

If you want to save money and invest in a better bundle of features, you can skip out MyCompanyWorks. Although given their efficiency and advantages, MyCompanyWorks leaves no arguments to be made.

Final Verdict

“MyCompanyWorks truly leaves no arguments to be made. Yes, you can save some money if you select another service that may be a little more affordable. Still, if you care about efficiency and consumer service, they are the fastest and provide amazing customer support. They provide high value for your buck when forming your LLC.”

Frequently Asked Questions​

Since its inception in 2001, MyCompanyWorks has served over 60,000 business clients with entity formations and other related business services.

Their customer feedback shines with more than 4,000 online reviews with a solid scores. Their dedicated customer service raises their strong overall value. It’s convenient and easy to contact their representatives.

MyCompanyWorks does not offer discount codes, promos, or coupons.

Terrific! Customer support is MyCompanyWorks’ biggest advantage, as they keep it all in-house. Each time you call them, you’re connected to a competent and knowledgeable MyCompanyWorks expert instead of an anonymous call center employee.

It completely depends on your order status when you file for a refund on their website. You will receive your total order amount. Only a processing fee of $25, $50, or $75 will be deducted. Remember that refunds will no longer be available once your documents have been shipped to your state of interest.

A few entrepreneurs go this way, and you always have the option of forming your own LLC. The process can especially be time-consuming because each and every state of the United States of America has its own rules and regulations regarding how LLCs are set up and maintained. 

Conversely, some entrepreneurs hire a lawyer to form their new business entity. However, this process is much more costly than an online formation service.


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