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By Bazal Razzaq

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Updated: Mar 28, 2024, 12:32pm

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Business Rocket was formed in Southern California in 2003 by Alex Chernavsky and a team of experienced attorneys, (CPA) Certified Public Accountants, and other professionals. Whether you’re starting an LLC or developing your existing business doesn’t matter. Business Rocket is an excellent formation choice.

Our Business Rocket review will outline all the company’s pros and cons, pricing, features, and services so you can sleep better at night, realizing that your trust, money, and confidence are in the right hands.

Business Rocket : LLC Filing Fees

Business Rocket provides the most economical pricing in the industry to access all its services confidently. On top of that, discount offers are always available on all three of their formation packages:

  • Starter Package ($58)
  • Essentials Package ($195)
  • Supreme Package ($349)


Starter package

$58 + State Fees

Basic Features at the lowest price:

Essentials package

$195 + State Fees

Comprehensive package to get you started:

Supreme package

$349 + State Fees

Full service with all the features:

Starter Package

Name availability check: Business Rocket will search the business database of your formation state to check if the business name you desire is available or has already been claimed by another organization.

Registered Agent Service for a year: In most states of America, recruiting a Registered Agent for your LLC business is legally required. This registered agent will receive all the necessary documentation for you and your business and then forward them to you. Business Rocket includes a full year of free registered agent service, after which it’s $149/per year. You won’t be under any obligation to renew it.

Organizational Documents: They will professionally prepare organizational documents for your LLC in compliance with your state’s laws, rules, and regulations.

Lifetime Compliance Guard Alert: Business Rocket will inform you of all the state and federal renewal requirements to maintain protection against fraud solicitations.

Free Consultation Services: Business Rocket provides free consultation services with a business expert to assist and walk you through the process.

Good for: Entrepreneurs who only need a basic LLC formation package and can obtain other formation documents.

Essentials Package

This package already includes everything from the Starter package. Plus,

EIN (Employer Identification Number): An EIN is a nine-digit unique number that identifies your organization for tax purposes. It acts like an SSN (Social Security Number) for your company. With an EIN, your business can open a bank account, recruit employees, file taxes, etc. You can get your EIN easily from the IRS, but Business Rocket can help you save time, energy, and hassle by doing it for you.

Speedy Processing: Business Rocket will internally expedite your order and speed up the processing time.

Operating Agreement: Business Rocket will prepare a customized operating agreement for your LLC. It is an internal document that contains details and ground rules on the ownership structure of your business entity and how your business will operate.

First Meeting Minutes: Business Rocket will prepare the ‘first minutes of meeting’ document, a summary of the meeting proceedings.

Banking Resolution: This document helps open your business bank account but is pretty redundant if you already have an EIN. It also helps prove your business structure to a financial institution for ownership verification.

Good For: Entrepreneurs looking for a comprehensive package containing EIN and various internal documents required for the formation process.

Supreme Package

This package already includes everything from the Essentials package. Plus,

Business Kit: Business Rocket will provide you with a customized corporate binder to store your business documents’ originals.

Business Seal: You’ll receive a customized corporate seal to authenticate document signatures.

Ownership Certificates: Business Rocket will provide you with ten company ownership certificates to distribute to future business partners. 

Good for: Entrepreneurs seeking investors for their business and/ or entrepreneurs with complex ownership structures.

In-Depth Review: Business Rocket

Performance Record:

Business Rocket was formed in 2003 by Alex Chernvsky and a team of reputed attorneys, CPAs( Certified Public Accountants), and other business experts in Southern California. Since its inception, they’ve helped form over 5,000 different business entities. 

Even though it still hasn’t been verified by BBB(Better Business Bureau), it has a solid 4.7 rating on Trustpilot. Our research shows that many repeat customers enjoy their services and features and highly recommend them. 

Also, they seem highly active on social media, with a verified account on Twitter and around 3k followers on Instagram. 


Overall Pricing:

As mentioned earlier, Business Rocket provides the industry’s most economical and reasonable pricing. They offer three packages, and we believe all three are priced fairly. Business Rocket offers discounts on all their services and packages for those on a budget. 

Currently, there’s a 16% off on their most basic package, 25% off on the ‘Essentials’ package, and 27% off on their most expensive package!


Customer Support System

At first glance, Business Rocket doesn’t offer much information on its customer support availability. Still, our research tells us that the team is available during routine weekday business hours. Almost half of their reviews rave about their excellent, knowledgeable, and competent customer service representatives, which, in our suggestion, is the biggest proof of their dependability.

You can get in touch with them through the following means:

  1. Email Support:
  2. Phone Support: +1 888 700 8213
  3. Chat Support

The simplicity of placing an order:

Business Rocket aims to provide its customers with the most accessible and streamlined process for forming an LLC. They also help you run, manage, and strategize plans for your LLC. We also think their free consultation feature is much more than you could bargain for when choosing a reliable, helpful formation service for your LLC. Because of this, the application process in Business Rocket seems easy to follow. You only need to select your package, enter your personal/business information and pay for your order.

Total Turnaround Time:

Business Rocket offers free expedited processing on all its LLC service orders, while most formation provider websites charge you for it. We’ve also heard them internally expediting their orders and speeding up the process.

Pros and Cons of Business Rocket

More about Business Rocket

Set up in California; Business Rocket aims to provide many services, including legal assistance, tax compliance, and business entity registration. All their services are set at competitive prices. Business Rocket even offers our aspiring LLC entrepreneurs free consultation services with business experts. Here are some key highlights we noticed during our research:

  1. Their services are available in the best packages at reasonable rates.
  2. Their website is completely fuss-free and user-friendly.
  3. As suggested by the reviews available, they offer exceptional quality services.
  4. They’re very honest about their pricing, which is more reasonable and affordable than their competitors.
  5. They have a reputation for providing speedy services and accurate information.


How Does Business Rocket Work?

When you are ready to set up your LLC with Business Rocket, you only need to provide the information below, and they’ll handle the documentation with the state:

  1. Business Name and State
  2. Primary Contact details
  3. Business Information
  4. Business Address
  5. Ownership details
  6. Choose a Package
  7. Open a Business Bank Account(Optional)
  8. Review and Pay


When To Start An LLC With Business Rocket?

If you’re looking for a free expert consultation session that will come in handy throughout your LLC formation, then Business Rocket is the right place for you. They’re also affordable and have enough reasonably priced services. 

When Not To Start An LLC With Business Rocket?

There is very little background information available on Business Rocket which may seem unreliable to a few individuals. If this is something that may end up bothering you, then consider looking for a different service.

Final Verdict

“Business Rocket is a very competent and reliable choice regarding LLC formations. They offer a huge range of services. Starting with a reasonably priced basic package. They may have a few ups and downs, but mostly, they leave nothing to be disappointed.”

Frequently Asked Questions​

In addition to setting up an LLC, Business Rocket can help form a corporation (S Corp or C Corp), a non-profit organization(501c3), a sole proprietorship, partnerships, and DBA. 

Business Rocket is based in California but offers its services in all 50 states, including The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Yes, you can open your LLC without physically being present in the United States.

You don’t necessarily have to be an American citizen or resident to create your own LLC, as foreign nationals can open, own and operate their LLCs in America.

During our research, we couldn’t find any refund-related information on Business Rocket’s website. However, customer reviews and client testimonials solidify their reliability and efficiency. We suggest getting in touch with their customer support system.

A few entrepreneurs go this way, and you always have the option of forming your own LLC. The process can especially be time-consuming because each and every state of the United States of America has its own rules and regulations regarding how LLCs are set up and maintained. 

Conversely, some entrepreneurs hire a lawyer to form their new business entity. However, this process is much more costly than an online formation service.


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