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By Bazal Razzaq

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Updated: June 05, 2023, 12:30pm

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Harbor compliance

Founded in 2012 by a team of government licensing specialists and tech experts, Harbor Compliance has helped more than 35,000 clients set up their businesses and update license compliance in different business sectors over the past nine years. 

Our Harbor Compliance LLC service review discusses their services in detail so you can better decide whether to invest in them.

Harbor Compliance : LLC Filing Fees

With Harbor Compliance, you only get one formation option. So you won’t have to spend your energy figuring out which package to choose. If you would like a more detailed overview of how their services are advertised, you can visit their website.

Formation Package

Unlike most businesses, Harbor Compliance offers only one package for their LLC formation service. 

Name availability check: Harbor Compliance will look into the business database of your formation state to check if the business name you desire is available or has already been claimed by a different business.

Preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation: The Articles of Organization are the legal documents to be filed with your formation state to register your LLC formally. Harbor Compliance will draft your Articles of Organization and submit them to your particular state of interest. They price this service at $99 for one year.

EIN (Employer Identification Number) registration: An EIN is a nine-digit unique number that recognizes your business for tax purposes. It necessarily works as a Social Security Number for your business. You can get your EIN easily from the IRS, but Harbor Compliance can help you save time, effort, and energy by doing it for you.

Registered Agent Service: Every LLC in the United States is obligated to recruit a registered agent. The same registered agent will receive your LLC’s important legal documentation and then forward them to you. Harbor Compliance offers this service for $99 per year.

Online Document Access: Harbor Compliance’s Online Document Access feature lets businesses view all compliance-related documents online. It allows you to share the same documents with your team members and third parties.

Good for: Entrepreneurs who want to form an LLC quickly and easily need ongoing compliance support. 

Additional Services

Harbor Compliance also offers some additional services, including

  1. Annual Reports – priced at $100 – $175 + State Fees
  2. Certificate of Good Standing – priced at $85 + State Fees
  3. Business License – priced at $500
  4. Publishing – priced at $300 + state fees
  5. Amendments – priced at – $299 + state fees
  6. Foreign Qualification – priced at $399 plus state fees

Compliance Package

This package includes everything from the Complete package. Plus,

MyCompanyWorks Premium: This feature by MyCompanyWorks includes initial report service (if required in your state), due date tracking, compliance alerts, business entity monitoring, and much more. MyCompanyWorks also sells this service as a standalone feature for $99 annually.


In-Depth Review: Harbor Compliance

Performance Record:

Despite being a fairly newer LLC formation service provider, Harbor Compliance has a great track record, and this stands firm as one of its top qualities. 

They’ve received a solid A+ rating from BBB and a 4.5 out of 5 Google rating. Their reviews may be fewer than other formation websites, but almost all praise their competency, reliability, and professionalism. Their expert compliance specialists and speedy processing time frame seem to be their customers’ favorite parts about them, as recurring in their review sections everywhere. 

The fact that they try to reply to each review posted about them, positive or not, explains how much they value their customers and what they have to say. In case of negative feedback, they often reply with solutions or the next steps to be taken in a crisis.

Overall Pricing:

Unlike other LLC services, Harbor Compliance has only one formation package, simplifying its ordering process. Their basic LLC formation fees start at $99 plus the state fee, which will differ from one state to another. Depending on which services you may or may not choose, the price could go up a lot higher. 

Their registered agent service, operating agreement, and EIN registration are all priced at $99 each. You can include publishing (priced at $300) and an annual report (priced anything from $100- $175) when you’re at the purchase screen. Several other features, like a Certificate of Good Standing, Business License, and Amendments, can be purchased separately.

 Other than LLC formation, Harbor Compliance also has a compliance package priced at $799 that offers services related to complying with state and federal regulations.


Customer Support System

The company has a good reputation for its customer service. Even though they generally assign an expert to assist you throughout the LLC formation process, you can contact them through multiple platforms mentioned below. 

  • Phone: At 1-888-995-5895
  • Online: Through this webform
  • Email: info@harborcompliance.com
  • Mail Address: 1830 Colonial Village Lane; Lancaster, PA 17601
  • Fax: At 1-717-202-2576

They’re available during standard business hours. 

The simplicity of placing an order:

The whole point of a formation service is that it saves your time and makes the formation process as simple and convenient as possible.

While their website can feel a bit outdated, placing your order with Harbor Compliance is extremely easy once you find your way. Even when they display add-ons amid your ordering process, they’re subtle and extremely transparent about everything, including the pricing. As a result, the whole process seems a lot less daunting and intimidating. 


Total Turnaround Time:

The total turnaround time depends on which state you’re in and how long the process takes. However, Harbor Compliance is known for its speedy processing time frame and for using expedited services if and when needed. So when it comes to ascertaining the total time frame, Harbor Compliance doesn’t leave us disappointed.


Pros and Cons of MyCompanyWorks

More about Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance was formed in 2012 and has helped over 35,000 clients meet their LLC formation and compliance-related requirements. Headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania specializes in providing compliance-related solutions to business owners and nonprofit organizations. They’re also well-equipped to form a Limited Liability Company or corporation on your behalf. 

According to the US Census Bureau, over 420,000 companies were set up by Harbor Compliance in February 2023 alone. From where we stand, that’s a pretty impressive score for a business that’s only nine years old. Their LLC formation service is best for businesses looking for a straightforward registering process. 

Unlike the other services we’ve reviewed till now, Harbor Compliance is one organization that does not exclusively specialize in forming business entities. 


How Does Harbor Compliance Work?

When you are ready to open your LLC with Harbor Compliance, you only need to share the details below, and they’ll handle the documentation with the state. Here’s what you can expect with Harbor Compliance:

  1. Business Name and State
  2. Business Information
  3. Name Availability and Articles of Organization(In case you want Harbor Compliance)
  4. Registered Agent Service(In case you want Harbor Compliance)
  5. Initial Report Service and Annual Report Service(In case you want Harbor Compliance)
  6. EIN(In case you want Harbor Compliance)
  7. S Corp or C Corp Tax Election(In case you want Harbor Compliance)
  8. Operating Agreement (In case you want Harbor Compliance)
  9. State-Level General Business License(In case you want Harbor Compliance)
  10. Review and Pay


When To Start An LLC With Harbor Compliance?

If you’re looking for top-notch customer service, personal attention, and assistance from a specialist to guide you through the process, Harbor Compliance is your best bet. Additionally, giving them a chance is a great idea if you need everything from LLC formation and tax compliance in one place.

When Not To Start An LLC With Harbor Compliance?

If you’re on a strict budget and require only basic LLC formation services, you can consider opting for one of its competitors.

Final Verdict

In our expert opinion, Harbor Compliance is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive and reliable compliance solution. Their LLC formation services are easy to use and competitively priced, given that you won’t have to purchase many services. Also, their ongoing compliance offers many options for companies seeking compliance assistance. 

Even though they don’t offer free LLC formation and registered agent services, their state-specific compliance requirements and nationwide spread of offices can be valuable for companies looking to spread their operations across different states and countries. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, Harbor Compliance is legit. They’ve been in the market since 2012 and helped set up more than 35,000 business entities and handle compliance-related needs.

Yes, you can open your LLC without physically being present in the United States. You don’t have to be an American citizen or resident to create your own LLC, as foreign nationals can open, own and operate their LLCs in America.

Harbor Compliance offers services in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. They have a nationwide network of local offices through which they provide services.

The terms and conditions section of Harbor Compliance doesn’t explicitly state their refund policy and what it entails. They usually complete filings on the same day as the order, so receiving a refund on state processing fees may be impossible.

Headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Harbor Compliance can be reached by phone at 1-888-995-5895 and email at info@harborcompliance.com and online through this form.


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