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Updated:  March 30, 2024, 15:04

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Founded in 2004, Bizee has become one of the most popular LLC formation services, forming nearly 1 Million businesses.

While hundreds of formation service providers can help you open your LLC, Bizee has created a prominent space in this highly competitive and crowded industry. Our Bizee review will outline all the key factors to consider when using their services.

Bizee: LLC Filing Fees

Bizee has three package deals for LLC formation: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Their basic silver package is free of charge, and you only need to pay your state service fee, while the most expensive Platinum package is priced at $299 + state fee.

  • Silver package ($0)
  • Gold package ($199)
  • Platinum package ($299)


Silver package

$0 + State Fees

Basic Features at the lowest price:

Gold package

$199 + State Fees

Comprehensive package to get you started:

Platinum package

$299 + State Fees

Full service with all the features:

Silver Package

The Silver Package is the perfect option for new entrepreneurs looking to form a company on a low budget. We have all been there and when starting from scratch you have to minimize your costs at the start so if that’s you this is a perfect option. Remember that the formation package is free, but it only includes the essentials. It includes a free name search, free LLC formation service, and a year of free registered agent service. You can’t really get a better essential deal. bare in mind that although the package is free you will have to pay your state filing fees

Name availability check: Bizee will inspect the business database of your formation state to check if the business name you desire is available or has already been claimed by another business.

Preparing and filing Articles of Organization: These are the legal documents to be filed with your State of interest to create your LLC formally. Bizee will draft your Articles of Organization and submit them to your State of interest.

Free Registered Agent Service for One Year: It is legally required in most states of America to recruit a Registered Agent for your LLC. This registered agent will receive all the necessary documentation for you and your company and then forward them to you. Bizee includes a full year of free registered agent service, after which it’s $119/per year. You won’t be under any obligation to renew it.

Tracking Status of Order: Bizee has a slick real-time tool that lets you know your order’s current status at any given time.

Good for: Entrepreneurs looking to form a company without additional features often included in other packages.

Gold Package

This package already includes everything from the Silver package. Plus,

EIN (Employer Identification Number): An EIN is a nine-digit unique number that identifies your organization for tax purposes. It works as a Social Security Number for your company. With an EIN, your business can open a bank account, recruit employees, file taxes, etc. You can get your EIN easily from the IRS, but Bizee can help you save time, energy, and hassle by doing it for you.

Operating Agreement: An operating agreement is an internal document that carries information and ground rules on the ownership structure of your business and how your business will operate. Bizee includes this service to make things easier for you.

Lifetime Business Alerts: Bizee will send you timely email notifications throughout your LLC’s life cycle to inform you of upcoming deadlines for documents like annual reports and business licenses.

Express Shipping: A hard copy of your Articles of Incorporation will be shipped to you using express shipping(in 1-3 business days) with a tracking number.

Banking Resolution: This document helps open your business bank account but is pretty redundant if you already have an EIN.

Online Access to Documents: Once Bizee receives your filled documents from your State of formation, they’ll update them on your online dashboard and notify you that they’re now available for viewing and downloading.

Business Tax Consultation: You’ll receive a 30-minute consult session with a professional tax consultant(not obligatory). You can clear your doubts and ask them any questions related to tax rules and regulations that apply to your company. 

S Corp Tax Form: If you decide that your LLC be taxed as an S Corp, Bizee will prepare and submit relevant documents.

Good for: Entrepreneurs who need an EIN service and custom formation documents for their LLC.

Platinum Package

This package already includes everything from the Gold package. Plus,

Speedy Document FillingBizee will choose that option if your formation offers expedited processing. Depending on which state your business is formed in, which can turn your turnaround time from a few weeks to a few days.

Sample Document Library: You’ll get access to Bizee legal templates, which contain 25+ business forms and documents written by an attorney.

Business Email and Domain Name: You’ll receive these free-of-charge features for your business websites.

Good for: Entrepreneurs who need an EIN service and custom formation documents for their LLC.

In-Depth Review: Bizee

Performance Record:

Established in 2004 in Houston, Texas, Bizee has helped form over 80,000 business entities “with a mission to provide a superior user experience at an unparalleled value.”

They have thousands of positive reviews, with only a few negative ones.

Overall Pricing:

Bizee will help you open your business for free(you’ll only need to pay your state fee) and provide you with a full year of registered agent service. Once the year ends, the registered agent service will renew for $119 annually. (you’re under no obligation to renew it.)

Even though their mid-tier Gold package is a lot more expensive than their basic Siver package, many additional features like EIN service, operating agreement, and a banking resolution, S Corp tax election make it worth the investment. 

Their premium package is priced at $299 and includes features like expedited service from your State that may prove valuable for your LLC.

Customer Support System

We tested Bizee, which offers both email and phone support. Each time we gave them a call, they were courteous and helpful, and even though their answers weren’t much detailed, they offered a ton of additional information.

Their email support, however, was a bit of a disappointment. We sent them many emails, and they responded to only a few. Also, their responses were mostly from emails that didn’t exactly answer our questions.

The simplicity of placing an order:

The whole point of a formation service is that it saves your time and makes the formation process as simple and convenient as possible. With some incorporation services, it can feel like you’re filing the LLC independently. But with Bizee, the process feels easier and really quick.

Once you begin signing up for Bizee, your steps are personalized based on your State of interest and the type of business entity you wish to establish. They place little question marks and hyperlinks in multiple places on their application form if you have a quick query or wish to learn more about the questions.

If you select additional services that aren’t a part of your formation package, your final price is automatically updated on the screen.

Total Turnaround Time:

The total turnaround time for Bizee is equal to or much better than its competitors offer. You could also unlikely form your business much quicker than them. Why? Bizee assures that every LLC or corporation formed will be processed and forwarded within one day.

Depending on your State of interest, the estimated turnaround time changes. In some states, turnarounds are as quick as a few business days, but you’ll need to wait several weeks in a few others. 

If you’re in a hurry, you can expedite your service with Bizee for an additional fee or choose their platinum package, which includes expedited service.

Pros and Cons of Bizee

More about Bizee

Bizee was founded in 2004, and since then, they’ve formed more than 800,000 business entities, including LLCs. In 2018, Entrepreneur Magazine named them one of America’s 360 best entrepreneurial companies.

On their website, Bizee outlines “5 Good Reasons to Choose Bizee.”

  • The ability to speak to an incorporation specialist rather than a salesman.
  • Ease-of-use with their associated platform.
  • The value they bring to the table.
  • Their complete focus is on strictly providing business services.
  • Their ongoing support.

How Does Bizee Work?

Bizee services are fairly easy to use. While different websites have different needs and requirements, here are some steps you can expect:

  1. Business type and State
  2. Choose a Package
  3. Choose add-ons: Operating Agreements, Banking Resolution, expedited service, etc.
  4. Business Information
  5. Business Address
  6. Primary Contact details
  7. Name and address of registered agent(in case you don’t want to use Bizee)
  8. Start Date
  9. End Date in case of a temporary business

When To Start An LLC With Bizee?

If you’re looking for a COMPREHENSIVE service then you can choose Bizee. It is one of the leading formation services there is. You have the choice to pick from their completely free LLC formation package or their paid premium ones. They are reputed, experienced, and good at what they do.

When Not To Start An LLC With Bizee?

If you want constant customer support assistance, we’d suggest going ahead with one of their competitors.

Final Verdict

“After reviewing and evaluating all the top LLC formation service providers, Bizee emerged as one of the best LLC formation services and a personal favorite. That is because of the quality and amount of services they give as well as their impeccable customer ratings. They’re a good option if you’re considering starting an LLC and want the most comprehensive option.”

Frequently Asked Questions​

Since its inception in 2004, Bizee has formed more than 800,000 business entities. They’re experienced and have a strong customer feedback reputation, with more than 33,000 reviews online, and nearly all of them are positive. 

Indeed, Bizee offers a free LLC formation service, only including your state fee. 

They used to charge $49 for their basic package but have modified and refined their systems over the 15+ years to develop an efficient service that will offer LLC formation service for free. 

They also offer two paid business packages for $149 and $299, including faster turnaround time and more features.

We recommend their  Gold package, which costs $149. The Gold package is your best bet if you want to get started with all the necessary documentation and support. It includes LLC formation, one year of registered agent service, an operating agreement, an EIN, and several other features

They sometimes run offers but Bizee offers their silver LLC formation package for free, you only have to pay for your state fee. So Discounts are not really a thing.

Back in the day, Bizee had a period where it left much to be desired. While their phone support system was still pretty good, email support was nonexistent.

We’ve noticed reviews online complaining about how they mailed Bizee regarding some inconveniences and queries and never received word back. Sometimes, they didn’t even reply to the second follow-up email.

NOW They’ve grown a lot and have some of the best customer support.

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