How to file an Arizona DBA

By Bazal Razzaq

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Updated: October 25, 2023

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Arizona DBA

If you file for an Arizona DBA in the state it strengthens the branding of your business. To be honest, DBAs are a simple way to help in the growth of your business.

We have prepared a guide for you on how to file an Arizona DBA or you can approach a trusted DBA service.

Register Arizona DBA Trade Name

If you register a trade name in the state, it is also called a DBA.

#1 Begin with Arizona DBA Trade Name Search

Your trade name should be unique and must fulfill all the business name requirements of Arizona state.

You must visit the Arizona Secretary of State’s website and look for your new DBA name if it is already in use or not. Also, renew your Arizona naming requirements. Your trade name shouldn’t include the following words or phrases without the approval of the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions:

  • Bank; banker; banking; banc; banco; banque; savings bank; thrift; trust; trust company, credit union; deposit; savings association; building association; savings and loan association; building and loan association.

We suggest you check if your name is available as a web domain (URL). You may not start a business today, but you can secure the URL today.

If you haven’t thought of a DBA name, try a free business name generator and also create a logo for your brand with the help of a free logo generator.

#2 Register Your Arizona DBA

You can file a DBA in Arizona state online with the Secretary of State.

Information Required:

  • Name and type of entity that registers the trade name.

  • Business Nature.

Cost of Filing: 

$10 Filing Fee

$3 Duplicate certificate (optional)

Manage Your Arizona Trade Name

  • For General Questions-

Contact the Arizona Secretary of State’s office at (800) 458-5842 or (602) 542-6187.

  • Trade name renewal with the state

The trade name registrations remain active in Arizona for five years. They are renewed online, and the fee is $10. Arizona mandates the owner to renew the registration six months before its expiration date. The current owner can renew the trade name.

When the ownership changes, the applicant submits an Assignment of Trade Name application. When the trade name registration expires before renewal, the applicant should create a new online registration.

  • Change The Trade Name Of Your Business

If you want to change your trade name, then you must fill out a new registration form. All the changes related to addresses, ownership, etc must be done online which costs a filing fee of $3.

  • Withdraw Your Trade Name

The trade name can be canceled online with the Secretary of State.

After Filing Your Arizona DBA

DBA is the first step towards starting your business but you should pay attention to the following before getting started-

  • Create your Business’s Website -Every business no matter how big or small needs a website to build up credibility. Thankfully, website builders like GoDaddy and Wix have made the task easy.

  • Streamline your Business Finances- We suggest you keep your business and personal expenses separate. You can start by opening a business bank account and getting a separate credit card.

  • Safeguard your business- Just like your personal assets, your business assets need protection. Get business Insurance to protect your business if anything bad happens. You can start with general liability insurance as a basic one.

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Frequently Asked Questions​ (FAQs)

You can have as many ‘doing business as’ names as you can create and manage. Each DBA comes with a cost and paperwork.

Doing business as is a nickname while LLC is the business entity. So, An Arizona DBA can’t become an LLC.

A DBA can have the INC in the name if it is attached to a corporation.

Obtaining a DBA is a better option than changing the legal name of your business. If you want to rebrand your company, or add another line of business then filing a DBA will be a much better option.

If you have a rental property in your name and a DBA, it will not protect your business. The most secure option will be to form an LLC to safeguard your personal assets.

Some states do not allow similar DBAs to be used due to similarity. It varies from state to state. You can trademark a DBA which offers you stronger protection across different states.

The processing time takes between two to three weeks as the trade name application is reviewed thoroughly by the state to ensure your name is different from other business entities. You can pay an additional fee of $25 to speed up the process.

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